Innovator of Indian Slap Bass


Jayakumar KeralaVarma a.k.a Jayen Varma is an Indian Bass Guitar Player. He has been in the world of music for the last three decades performing with various musicians of different genres in and outside India.

He is known for innovating the idea of Indian Slap Bass- the novel technique of applying tabla and mridangam based finger movements on bass guitar. The innovation has bestowed on him accolades from many great bassists across the world. 

The Registry of Official World Records (Record Holders Republic), USA&UK and The Record Setter Book of World Records, USA have declared him the Fastest Bass Guitar Player in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

He has also sung in a Malayalam movie named Koothara. The song named ‘The country song’ composed by Gopi Sundar became a hit immediately after it’s release in June 2014. 

Jayen Varma endorses GruvGear FretWraps