JayaKumar KeralaVarma –aka- Jayen Varma, known for developing ‘Indian Slap Bass‘ technique lives in Cochin, India. 

With persistent effort for more than two decades, he proved the World that the finger movement technique of  Tabla and Mridangam can be applied on Bass Guitar.

The Registry of Official World Records (Record Holders Republic), USA&UK and The Record Setter Book of World Records, USA have declared him the Fastest Bass Guitar Player in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

He is the founder member of the band The Khayal Groove 

Jayen Varma endorses GruvGear FretWraps 

”My intention is to popularize ‘Indian Slap Bass’ across the World. There are so many great bass players in India. But millions of people in India still have to become familiar with the instrument Bass Guitar. So my task also includes popularization of my most loved instrument in India and I am inspired to make it happen” Jayen Varma